Equine Insurance Specialists and our partners offer the ability to make online check or credit card payments.  Please be advised that submitting an electronic payment DOES NOT constitute receipt of payment, reinstatement, nor does it bind any insurance coverage until you receive written confirmation by Equine Insurance Specialists, the Insurance Company or Premium Finance Company that you’ve paid. Payments improperly made will be returned to the payor.

Payments to Equine Insurance Specialists:
  • Equine Insurance Specialists

    If you are billed directly by your insurance company, do not use the two options below.  Please only use these options when paying a bill originating from our office, or when making a down payment on a new policy for which no bill has yet been issued.

    Payment Mailing Address
    Equine Insurance Specialists, LLC
    PO Box 12440
    Lexington, KY 40583-2440

    Payments to Equine Insurance Specialists by Credit Card

    NOTICE: There is a service fee of just over 3% for all credit card transactions.  The service fee for credit card payments is non-refundable. Before paying us, please make sure that your bill clearly states that payments should be made directly to Equine Insurance Specialists.  There is no fee for payment by Virtual Check.

    Payments to Equine Insurance Specialists by Virtual Check

    Pay by eCheck

    NOTE: Payments made through the online virtual check or credit card links above are only for policies invoiced by Equine Insurance Specialists. Payments for Direct Bill and Premium Financed policies are not accepted through either of the above links, and will be returned.

Payments Directly to Insurance Companies:
  • AIG Private Client

    Payment by phone: (888) 856-6855
    Service hours between 8:00 am and 5:30 pm CST Monday to Friday.
    Online bill payment: www.aig.com/individual/insurance/private-client-group/make-a-payment
    Policyholders in Central & Eastern US:

    Payment Mailing Address
    Private Client Group
    PO Box 35423
    Newark, NJ 07193-5423
    Overnight Payment Address
    Private Client Group
    JPMorgan Chase Lockbox 35423
    Attn: New York Image Lockbox Processing
    4 Chase Metro Tech Center, 7th FL East
    Brooklyn, NY 11245
    (866) 856-6855

    Policyholders in the Western US:

    Payment Mailing Address
    Private Client Group
    PO Box 601148
    Pasadena, CA 91189-1148 
    Overnight Payment Address
    Private Client Group
    JPMorgan Chase Lockbox 601148
    Attn: Lockbox Department
    2710 Media Center Drive
    Building #6, Suite 120
    Los Angeles, CA 90065
    (866) 856-6855
  • American Reliable / American Bankers

    Payment by phone:  (800) 535-1333

    Online bill payment: www.payaric.com

    Payment Mailing Address
    American Reliable Insurance
    PO Box 206859
    Dallas, TX 75320-6859

    Overnight Payment Address
    Lockbox Services 206859
    Global Indemnity
    2975 Regent Blvd
    Irving, TX 75063
  • Berkley Equine & Cattle / StarNet

    Payment by phone:  (866) 598-5525

    Online bill payment: http://berkleyequine.com/pay-my-bill/

    Payment Mailing Address
    Berkley Equine & Cattle
    PO Box 639832
    Cincinnati, OH 45263-9832
    Overnight Payment Address
    StarNet Insurance Company
    3655 North Point Parkway
    Suite 625
    Alpharetta, GA 30005
  • Great American

    Payment by phone: (800) 847-4357, option 3
    Service hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST) Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Friday.

    Online bill payment: https://mybilling.gaic.com

    Payment Mailing Address
    Great American Insurance
    P.O. Box 89400
    Cleveland, OH 44101-6400
    Overnight Payment Address
    Great American Insurance
    Special Accounting Services
    301 E 4th Street, Floor #17N
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
  • Travelers

    Payment by phone: (800) 252-2268

    Online bill payment: http://www.travelers.com/business-insurance/epay.aspx

    Payment Mailing Address
    Travelers Insurance
    CL Remittance Center
    Hartford, CT 06183
    Overnight Payment Address
    Travelers Insurance
    1 Tower Square
    Attn: CL Remittance Center
    Hartford, CT 06183


Payments to Premium Finance Companies:
  • AFCO Insurance Premium Financing

    Payment by phone: (877) 701-1212
    Online bill payment: https://pf.slgapps.com/accountlookup

    Payment Mailing Address
    PO Box 4795
    Carol Stream, IL 60197-4795
    Overnight Payment Address
    100 Milwaukee Avenue
    Glenview, IL 60025 
  • First Insurance Funding Corp.

    Payment by phone: (800) 837-2511
    Online bill payment: https://www.first-quotes.com/insuredservices

    Payment Mailing Address
    First Insurance Funding Corp.
    PO Box 66468
    Chicago, IL 60666-0468
    Overnight Payment Address
    First Insurance Funding Corp.
    450 Skokie Blvd., Suite 100
    Northbrook, IL 60062
  • Prime Rate Premium Finance

    Payment by phone: (800) 777-7458
    Online bill payment: www.primeratepfc.com

    Payment Mailing Address
    Prime Rate PFC, Inc.
    PO Box 580016
    Charlotte, SC 28258-0016
    Overnight Payment Address
    Prime Rate Premium Finance Corporation
    2141 Enterprise Drive
    Florence, SC 29501