Payments to Equine Insurance Specialists

If you are billed directly by your insurance company, do not use the two options below.  Please only use these options when paying a bill originating from our office, or when making a down payment on a new policy for which no bill has yet been issued.

Payment Mailing Address
Equine Insurance Specialists, LLC
PO Box 12440
Lexington, KY 40583-2440

Payments to Equine Insurance Specialists by Credit Card

NOTICE: There is a service fee of just over 3% for all credit card transactions.  The service fee for credit card payments is non-refundable.  There is no fee for payment by Virtual Check.


Payments to Equine Insurance Specialists by Virtual Check

Pay by eCheck

NOTE: Payments made through the online virtual check or credit card links above are only for policies invoiced by Equine Insurance Specialists. Payments for Direct Bill and Premium Financed policies are not accepted through either of the above links, and will be returned.