Coverage Summary

The more you have, the more you are at risk. A Commercial Excess policy is the extra protection you need for peace of mind. Excess Limits coverage protects you from lawsuits that result from injuries others sustain as a result of an accident involving your covered equine activities. Judgments from these lawsuits can exceed the liability limits on your underlying insurance, especially if there is a critical injury or loss of life.  The excess liability policy works by providing additional liability limits over and above the primary coverage, on terms that mirror the underlying insurance. Excess Liability coverage is available in $1,000,000 increments up to a maximum limit of $5,000,000.  This coverage does not increase the limit of Equine Professional Liability or Care, Custody or Control coverage parts, nor does it extend to provide additional limits over any policies other than the underlying Commercial Equine Liability policy issued through Argonaut Insurance Company.


These liability coverages provide vital protection for individuals, stable owners, trainers, instructors and for people in the horse business.  Examples include the following:

  • Boarding
  • Breeding
  • Training
  • Lessons
  • Individual Riding Instructors
  • Equestrian Day Camps
  • Race Horse Trainers
  • Clinics
  • Horse Shows
  • Horse Clubs & Associations
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  • Excess Liability is only sold in conjunction with an underlying American Equine liability policy.  The application for this coverage is included as part of the underlying insurance application.

Coverage descriptions are for general information only. Please refer to actual policy wordings for a full explanation of coverages.