American Reliable Insurance Company offers a portfolio of liability coverages designed to protect you regardless of whether you are an individual horse owner, an equine professional or business owner.

Commercial Coverages

The following┬ácommercial liability insurance products have been designed to address a broad spectrum of professional equestrian exposures – from┬áthe individual instructor / trainer to┬álarge boarding,┬álesson and training center.┬á There are also products designed to cover horse related┬áclubs and event organizers.

Stableowners Coverage (including independent instructors & trainers)

Care, Custody or Control Coverage

Riding & Hunt Club Coverage

Horse Show & Event Coverage

Excess / Umbrella Liability Coverage

Personal Coverages

American Reliable also offers liability protection for the individual horse owner.  However, we only offer this coverage in conjunction with an equine mortality policy.  This is not a coverage that we are able to write on a stand-alone basis.

Private Horse Owners Liability