Loss of Use II coverage provides that in the event your horse suffers an illness, injury or disease, and subsequently becomes totally and permanently unfit for the use stated in the declarations as a result of such illness, injury or disease; and humane destruction is not warranted, you will be paid up to 50% of the amount of indemnity due under the mortality coverage part. In order to qualify for Loss of Use II coverage, horses must be free from lameness, illness, injury, disease or disability, and have no history of navicular disease, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, Lyme disease, bone spavins or nerving.

If a Loss of Use claim is still pending on the renewal date, coverage for this endorsement will be extended for 120 days beyond the policy expiration date. In the event a Loss of Use claim is paid, you will retain ownership of the horse, but all insurance coverage for that horse will terminate. Premium for all coverages will be considered fully earned (unless contradicted by a state endorsement). The effective date of the cancellation will be the date the proof of loss is filed. Major Medical is required when purchasing Loss of Use coverage.

This coverage description is for general information only. Please refer to actual policy wordings for a full explanation of coverages.