Full Loss of Use covers an animal that becomes unfit for the first “use” specified on the policy declarations due to accident, injury, sickness or disease which occurred during the policy period and was reported to the carrier within 14 days of the accident, injury or diagnosis of a sickness or disease which could result in the condition that may give rise to a claim for Loss of Use.  The coverage for such loss of use is provided at 60% of the applicable limit of mortality insurance. After a Loss of Use claim has been paid, you retain title / ownership of the horse.

Full Loss of Use coverage is available for select uses only. It requires a Full Mortality policy and Major Medical / Surgical coverage. The premium for this coverage is fully earned at policy inception.

A Hartford Vet Exam is required for this coverage, with the “Loss of Use” section fully completed.

This website provides an overview of The Hartford’s Animal Mortality coverages and services. Coverage availability and premium rates may differ by state. For a complete description of all coverages, terms and conditions, refer to the issued insurance policy. In the event of a conflict between this website and the issued policy, the terms, conditions and premium rates of the issued policy will prevail.