Question:  I’ve just used your website to get a mortality quote.  How do I add coverage options like medical, surgical and loss of use to my quote? 

Answer:  This post describes how to add optional coverages to full mortality proposals at  For information about obtaining an instant online mortality quote for your horses, refer to Part one of this series. Part three describes how to purchase the coverages that you’ve quoted online.

Coverage Options

The initial quote provided by our site includes Full Mortality coverage and the automatic enhancements (Emergency Colic Surgery, Agreed Value, etc.) for each company quoted.  Optional coverages like Major Medical, Surgical, Stallion Infertility and Loss of Use may be added to your proposal by clicking the “+ Add / Edit Optional Coverages” link underneath the quote for each horse.  Here you may choose from the complete list of enhancements available for your horse from that company.  NOTE: The coverages shown on this page are the only options available for your horse from that company.

Add an optional coverage to your proposal by clicking on the radio button or check box next to the desired coverage.   The “Quote Summary” box on the right side of the page by will immediately update with the added optional coverage and pricing, showing you the total cost for that horse.  To change coverages, simply select a different option from the set or choose the “None” option to remove that coverage from the proposal.  Once the desired coverages have been chosen, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to return to the Mortality Proposal for that company.  The horse you are working with will be updated to include any coverage selected on the previous page.  If multiple horses are being quoted, you’ll need to repeat this process for each horse.

Because the coverage offerings are different from one company to the next, any “Optional Coverage” you select will only apply to that horse and that proposal.  If multiple horses have been quoted, you’ll need to add any desired options to every horse.  Each company’s underwriting guidelines are different, so be sure to check out the optional coverages offered under all the proposal tabs shown in order to make sure that you’ve selected coverage options with the terms and pricing that best suits your needs and budget.

The final post in this series explains the process of converting your proposal to a policy, insuring the horses you’ve just quoted.

Instant Online Mortality Quotes – Part 2 of 3 (Adding Optional Coverages)

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