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Full Mortality covers death as a result of injury, illness, humane destruction, and transportation accidents anywhere in the continental USA or Canada and includes loss or death as a result of theft as well.  Premium for full mortality coverage is a percentage of the animal’s value, which is based on its use, breed and age.

The Full Mortality policy includes up to $3,000 of Emergency Colic Surgery coverage.  For horses under age 17, the Full Mortality policy also includes Guaranteed Extension coverage, which provides that in the event a condition occurs and is reported during the policy period, mortality coverage for that condition will automatically continue for up to 12 months from the expiration date, at the originally insured value.

In the event you do have a mortality claim, it will be settled based upon the terms of American Equine’s Value Coverage, which means that as long as the value of the horse at any time during the policy period was equal to the limit of indemnity stated in the policy, you will be paid the amount stated in the policy.

Optional Coverages

Several additional coverages are available to enhance your full mortality policy.  Details of each endorsement are available by following one of the links below.


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