Stallion Infertility coverage will protect you in the event your proven stud becomes permanently incapable of settling mares in foal as a result of accident, sickness or disease. You will be paid up to 100% of the indemnity due under the mortality policy. For thoroughbreds the coverage form wording is slightly different, as the AS&D coverage on thoroughbred stallions provides that the stallion be permanently incapable of servicing mares vs. settling mares in foal.

The veterinarian must state that the stallion’s testicles are of normal size and consistency, in addition to a normal veterinarian certificate. See the coverage form below for all submission requirements. Stallion Infertility coverage is generally available to proven stallions aged three to seventeen years.

A Genitalia Exam and Supplemental Application are required for this coverage.

This description is for general information only. Please refer to actual policy wording for a full explanation of coverages.