Medical Assistance coverage provides similar protection to the Major Medical coverage form, but at a lower limit.  It will reimburse you for up 80% of reasonable and customary fees for covered treatments and surgical procedures including post-operative care expenses, which are required or necessary as a result of an accident, injury, illness or disease that first occurs during the policy period. Medical Assistance coverage is available for horses of any value between the ages of 30 days and 20 years of age. The limit of coverage is $7,500. Horses that are used or intended to be used for racing are not eligible.

Medical Assistance coverage is subject to a $500 deductible per claim. As long as the accident, injury, illness or disease first occurs and is reported during the policy period, covered treatments may be performed up to 120 days after the policy expiration date.  Treatment of lameness conditions is limited to 6 months from the date of first treatment, and up to 120 days after the policy expiration date. Subject to the policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions, the Medical Assistance endorsement will also provide reimbursement for the following:

  • Gastric ulcer medication and related treatment are cover for up to $1,500 (requires diagnostic endoscopy confirming of presence of gastric ulcers).
  • Laser or shockwave therapy, or a combination thereof, is covered for up to $750 per each separate claim.
  • Regenerative therapeutics (including IRAP, PRP and Stem Cell) are covered for up to $1,500 per each separate claim.
  • Biphosphonate treatment (Tildren, Osphos, etc.) is covered for up to $750 per each separate, unrelated claim.

For a greater amount of protection, Medical Assistance coverage may be combined with either (or both) the $10,000 Colic Endorsement and the $10,000 Surgical Endorsement.

This coverage description is for general information only. Please refer to actual policy wordings for a full explanation of coverages.